How Gain Capacity Experts was able to support a family member with dementia

How Gain Capacity Experts was able to support a family member with dementia

I love working in this industry, I love caring and helping people, I always pay a lot of attention to the smaller details so I can really understand what is important.

I have worked in the care industry for many years, and I pride myself in being able to connect with others, understand what they need, and try to help people out.

I have used my experience, knowledge, and training to good use. When I started Gain Capacity Experts I wanted to use all my skills in experiences to help more people. My personal values of kindness, love, integrity, and appreciation shine through those who now work for Gain.

I’ll tell you a little personal Storey. When I first met my partner, he told me his mum had dementia, but she still lived in her own house and receive visits three times a day to help with her medication, preparing food and some company. I would go out a couple of times a day down the road to go to the corner shop. When he asked how long did I think she would be able to stay at home, I replied, when she starts turning left instead of right then we will know. What I meant was, Pam had her routine which included a visit to the shop. If she forgets where she is going and gets lost then we will know, we will have to start thinking about a different care setting.

Unfortunately, within six months Pam did start turning ‘left’ and she quickly ended up going into crisis. This resulted in many situations which left her vulnerable and so it was decided that she could not live there anymore.

Now, you may ask, why am I telling you this story as it’s not an unusual or even a heart-warming story. Share it with you, as the family said that without my knowledge and experience of the system as well as being able to understand their mum and clearly assess the situation, the family would have been completely lost in knowing what to do. At the time social services and mental health services were unhelpful and not responsive enough. I took control of the situation and made a plan.

I have now applied all my knowledge and experience providing professional, considerate, and insightful mental capacity assessments. I also understand the level of detail required by the legal profession and the Courts, so the assessments and reports are always extremely detailed and professionally written.

Everyone who works again capacity experts understands and shares my values.

Supporting families with dementia to make sure they get the help they need.

Supporting families with dementia to make sure they get the help they need.

People have many questions it comes to understanding dementia, such as ‘Where to get help?’ and ’How does dementia affect the memory?’

Everyone is different. But I have some experience of the difficulties people have to face.

We have met some lovely families who are struggling because their loved one’s dementia, memory, and ability to look after themselves is reduced and families often do not know which way to turn.

Sometimes things can rapidly take a turn for the worst, there are often financial matters that require attention. There is any doubts or questions raised regarding the mental capacity to manage finances or property, then problems can arise. If there is no Power of Attorney in place, bills do not get paid, debts can mount up, and stress and worry increases. All this as well as trying to look after your loved one as best you can.

To support your loved ones with managing their finances, if they have lost the capacity to manage it themselves, you have to apply to the Court of Protection to ask them to appoint a Deputy. Can be one or two close family members and someone who has their best interest at heart.

You can do the application yourself or you may wish to appoint a solicitor to help. But you will need a full mental capacity assessment to inform the Court of why a deputy is required.

I have heard so many times about the difficulties people have in finding someone to do a mental capacity assessment for the Court of Protection and GP’s are often reluctant to do the assessments, because they can often say ‘it’s not in our remit’.

We at Gain Capacity Experts are here to help, we offer a professional, friendly and efficient service. When we get the call and details of who needs assessing and where they are, we will complete the assessment and report within the week. Give us a call on 077 343 93918.

From Google Search to Gain Capacity Experts

From Google Search to Gain Capacity Experts

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a really lovely family who has been through a lot of trauma in the past 6 months. From a Google Search to finding Gain Capacity Experts.
I have permission to write about this and I have asked the son to write about his own experiences for him to share and I fully expect this to be on the website very soon.
I was contacted by Jon who was seeking an assessment for his father who had recently had a catastrophic stroke which has left him paralysed, unable to speak and totally reliant on carers to meet all his needs. The family decided they wanted to care for him at home and after 4 months in hospital he was discharged home. James was a strong man, before the stroke he was able to do all sorts of things with wood, making tables and chopping boards to sell at craft sales. James was very independent and lived a normal life, he managed all the bills, he had some debit and credit cards and did not rely on the welfare system until the stroke.
Jon quickly realised that he needed the Power of Attorney to fully support his dad. Jon decided to take on this challenge himself and went to Google to find out how to do this.
What a challenge he had set himself.
The Court of Protection wanted a capacity assessment but Jon could not get anyone to do it. He tried the GP twice and ended up waiting 6 weeks for them to say they couldn’t do it. Jon then went to a local psychological service, but they wanted a GP referral, the GP would not refer. They tried the hospital but they wouldn’t do the capacity assessment so then he went back to Google.
Meanwhile, the Court of Protection had written to them giving an order and a time frame. This put the family under pressure.
How We Helped:
Gain Capacity Experts got the call and we went out the following day and completed the COP3 and COP9. The family was so pleased to see me. The assessment, reports and COP forms were completed within 3 days of receiving the call, giving the familiy peace of mind in this challenging time.
We have made it our mission to help and support families as much as possible. Capacity Assessments can still be completed with social distancing in mind and we are happy to work with families, Doctors & Solicitors to ensure a smooth service for all.
If you would like any further help and advice, please contact me on 07734393918 or email
Testimonial From a Happy Client

Testimonial From a Happy Client

Today we are starting the week on a positive note after receiving some lovely feedback on our service from a recent customer.

To receive this feedback has been fantastic and delighted we have been able to help. Covid-19 has changed the way in which we work but has also added a lot of worry and stress for families who need a capacity assessment but cannot make it work with social distancing. We have over 20 years of experience working in the NHS and are able to utilise technology to ensure that families get the support they need when they need it the most.

“You have been extremely helpful in coordinating the capacity assessment in the current climate, and in such a short space of time.  The reports followed in an efficient manner and the whole process was undertaken with apparent ease.  I would certainly recommend your services and I have passed your details on to our COP team.  Thank you.”

Feedback is really important to us in the job that we do, in addition to suppporting families,   the professional services that we work with to provide this vital service.

If you would like any further information on how Online Capacity Assessments can be carried out then please get in touch – please Contact Us via the form or call 07734 393918



Assessing Mental Capacity Online During Covid 19

Assessing Mental Capacity Online During Covid 19


I hope you are well and staying safe? These are difficult times we are facing but I wanted to reassure you that I am still able to carry out Mental Capacity Assessments during the Covid 19 Pandemic through the use of technology.

We are able to give families and carers peace of mind that these important assessments won’t just stop until the lockdown has been removed.  We are able to use technology such as Zoom, Facetime, Skype to carry out the assessment where applicable and will work in the best interests of our clients.

We have over 20 years experience working in the NHS, so take every precaution to ensure the safety and well being of our clients and can talk families and careers through all the necessary steps to ensure that everyone is listened to.  Through technology, we are still able to look for non-verbal communication and can ask a wealth of questions to establish how the environment is affecting behaviour

We also understand the importance of performing an accurate assessment of mental capacity around important decisions. If the wrong assessment is made it can have serious consequences for the person and everyone. With this in mind, if the online technology route is inappropriate, we will assess the circumstances and work together to find solutions that are right for everyone.

You may have a number of questions concerning Mental Capacity and Covid -19 and we are only a phone call away and happy to share our knowledge and expertise. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 07734 393918 or email

Assessing Mental Capacity – A Window into Someone’s Life

Assessing Mental Capacity – A Window into Someone’s Life

Recently I was working with a family who asked – “How can you assess someone you don’t know and don’t know about their life” and feel this is an important question to answer.

When I set up Gain Capacity Experts, I made it my mission to find out as much as I could about a person I was assessing. I want to see the world through their eyes. I  really want to understand things from their point of view. It only takes a few moments to listen and take in a wealth of experiences that can often help in the decision-making process. Our clients are not just a reference number but are integral to ensure we have all of the facts.

I am lucky enough to spend time with lots of different people and given the time to really get to know them. I am genuinely interested to understand their life story and it’s amazing how much strength and tenacity people have, even the most vulnerable. Some of the people I meet are no longer able to form coherent words but talking to their nearest and dearest to understand what is important to them is vital.

 Whilst undertaking a capacity assessment at the weekend, I met a 98-year-old lady. It was lovely to hear from her daughter; about the person she once was and how she now tries to keep her engaged and happy. In my time as a nurse, I have had the pleasure of assessing and planning the care of many. From the man with Down’s Syndrome who loves to sit by the warm radiator. To the elderly gentleman who used to be a horse jockey. I’ve met many young people who have suffered a lot of trauma in their young lives, and most of the time I find the right words to say.

I take the time to soak in their non-verbal communication and understand how their environment is affecting their behaviour. I listen and learn from experts and try to share that knowledge and expertise of how to work with someone. It’s really important to perform an accurate assessment of mental capacity around important decisions. If the wrong assessment is made it can have serious consequences for the person and everyone.

I’ve heard so many times over recent months how hard things can be for people. The elderly mum still living at home with carers going in four times a day. She keeps having falls and multiple hospital admissions. Lack of information, support, help and guidance and told ‘there is nothing more we can do’. We can help, taking the time to listen to all requirements and ensure decisions are made to help and advise families and the wider support network.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07734 393918 or email