Capacity to Litigate

  Capacity to Litigate

Capacity to litigate relates to an individuals ability and understanding of legal procedures. Capacity to Litigate is not covered by the Mental Capacity Act 2005, so we use case law and legal test Dunhill vs Burgin (2014).

We will require details of the legal matter being addressed and financial information if a financial settlement is being discussed.

All information will be kept strictly confidential.

We pride ourselves on providing a dedicated and caring service. Our expert team bring over 20 years of experience in mental capacity and contemporary mental health practice.

We pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free, easy to use service with everything explained in simple, clear language.


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Victoria Sample

Experienced Capacity Assessor.
Completing assessments for Solicitors, Wills Writers and other professional bodies


If you would like further information or to book a fixed-fee assessment, please contact Victoria Sample on 0207 8713 094 or contact us


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