COP3 Assessments

COP3 Assessments

Gain Capacity Experts have vast experience of carrying out COP3 Assessments. This is where we assess mental capacity and write up a report called a Court of Protection 3 Form.

The assessment will usually be carried out for Property and Financial Affairs or Health and Welfare decisions.

Our assessments are very personal and can be carried out at home, at work or a place you feel comfortable.

The assessments are not time-consuming, we usually say approximately only an hour from start to finish and we are happy to answer questions you may have.

Meet Our Director & Founder:

Victoria Sample

Experienced Capacity Assessor. Completing assessments for Solicitors, Wills Writers and other professional bodies. Our Team of assessors are ready to help you.


If you would like further information or to book a fixed-fee assessment, please contact Victoria Sample on 0207 871 3094 or contact us


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Over 20 Years Experience

Competitive Pricing

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