How has Covid affected our most vulnerable?

By March 2020 everyone was scared, lots of people were very poorly and we had no protection for our most vulnerable in society. Our older generation suffered the most. 

Children have been hit hard too, but they have time to recover and have access to lots of support through school. I have met so many older people who did not get Covid but have suffered through isolation and loneliness, which has created a vacuum for mental and physical health deterioration. People haven’t had access to their usual activities, they haven’t seen their GP, or been to see their Doctor at the memory clinic. They haven’t wanted to bother anyone and just sit at home waiting. I have met so many people who are still scared and no longer go out. 

I have met so many families who have experienced so much loss that they want to make sure they have everything in place, in case the worse happens. 

Our loved ones in care homes have been looking at faces with masks on for the past 2 years and some haven’t had a cuddle from their loved ones for far too long.

Everyone is an individual with a life story. Let’s value our older people for what they have given us. 

Look after your neighbours, love your family and do your best to care.