What is Mental Capacity?

Mental capacity meaning able to make your own decisions and understand the information given to them about those decisions.

How do I know if someone doesn’t have the capacity to make decisions?

A person who lacks the capacity to make decisions will be impaired in some way, such as dementia or severe learning disability.

You may notice they cannot understand information around those decisions, or remember the information and/or communicate their decisions by talking or sign language.

What is CoP3?

A form that details the capacity assessment to be presented to the Court of Protection.

Can my GP or Consultant complete the capacity assessment?

Yes – a medical practitioner can complete the assessments and CoP3 form but they are sometimes unwilling or may take a long time to complete.

What should I use GAIN Capacity Experts?

We are experts in assessing mental capacity. We take the time to understand the issues and make sound judgement based on what occurs during the assessment. We will complete a home visit or meet at a time and place that is convenient for yourself. I aim to complete the assessment and produce the report within 7 days.

How do I get in touch?

Use the contact page and we will aim to get in touch within a couple of hours, give me a ring or email your referral. Contact Us

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

An LPA allows your loved ones to take care of you and your finances if you become unable to do so.

There are two types: Property and financial affairs and health and welfare LPA.

An LPA ensures that should you become unable to manage your own affairs, the person you appoint can manage things on your behalf.

This may save you a great deal of money and distress, and assurances that your affairs are handled correctly and quickly.

What is the Court of Protection (CoP)

The CoP in English Law is a court of record under the Mental Capacity Act 2005. It has powers over property, financial and personal welfare of people who lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves.