Holistic mental capacity assessments are essential

3D or holistic mental capacity assessments are essential. As some people talk the talk but can’t walk the walk! We gather evidence from available documentation and speak to important others (who know the person very well and see them on regular basis). Most importantly triangulate this with information that is gathered from the person themselves. Holistic mental capacity assessments are essential as some people who experienced a traumatic brain injury or have executive function problems  ‘can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk’.

But what does this mean?

Someone may be able to say how they will save or spend their money to live safely. But in real terms without appropriate support and those protective measures in place, they are unable to control their spending and may give all their money away, which increases their vulnerability.

It’s important not to take things at face value; analysis and evaluation is important. This is why 3D or holistic mental capacity assessment are essential. Especially when the outcome of the mental capacity assessment can have a direct impact on their freedom to make decisions independently. It’s important to gather the evidence and not offer opinion based on speculation. And the report has to be provide this evidence in way that can understood by the reader. The report has to showcase what we discovered in the assessment, the assessors analysis and offer an expert opinion.

For more information https://www.communitycare.co.uk/2020/10/28/mental-capacity-assessments-must-delve-beneath-people-say/ https://www.gaincapacityexperts.co.uk/contact-us/