What is a COP3?

What is a COP3?

A COP3 is a form that is sent to the Court of Protection, it contains the outcome of a mental capacity assessment that has been carried out by a GP, nurse, social worker or psychiatrist. If a person is no longer able to manage their own affairs, such as making financial decisions, and there is no Lasting Power of Attorney in place, you will need to apply to the court to appoint a deputy. The deputy will then be able to manage their affairs.

How is a COP3 assessment arranged?

To arrange an assessment please contact GAIN Capacity Experts by phone (0207 871 3094)  or email (victoria@gaincapacityexperts.co.uk). We will then ask you to provide us with additional information, such as an address, details of existing medical conditions and circumstances. GAIN Capacity Experts will then provide you with a quote for a home visit, assessment and COP3 and/or report. If you are happy with the quote and wish to proceed we will assign you a suitably qualified assessor. The assessor will make contact with you to arrange a mutually convenient time and date for a home visit.

What happens during an assessment?

The assessor will begin by introducing themselves and explaining the purpose of the visit. The assessment will feel like a conversation, hopefully putting the client at ease. The assessor will have to ask a number of questions to assess mental capacity on a specific question in mind, for example, the assessor may be asked to ‘assess capacity to manage property and financial affairs’. The assessor will then establish whether the client has a disorder of the mind (such as dementia) and whether they can understand, retain (remember), use or weigh up information and communicate a decision – all related to the specific question in mind, such as property and financial affairs.

Do you diagnose dementia?

We do not provide a diagnosis, but we do assess whether a person understands information, whether they can remember the information for long enough to make a decision and establish whether they can weigh up the consequences or use the information to make an informed decision and communicate a decision (by any means).

How much does a COP3 cost?

The cost of the COP3 assessment depends on the length of reading time and liaison, location of the client, estimated interview time. All this will be discussed before generating a quote prior to assessment.

How do I pay for the assessment?

Once a COP3 and/or report has been posted out to you, GAIN Capacity Experts will produce an invoice for settlement. The invoice contains the bank details for payment. Cheques are also accepted.