Supporting families with dementia to make sure they get the help they need.

People have many questions it comes to understanding dementia, such as ‘Where to get help?’ and ’How does dementia affect the memory?’

Everyone is different. But I have some experience of the difficulties people have to face.

We have met some lovely families who are struggling because their loved one’s dementia, memory, and ability to look after themselves is reduced and families often do not know which way to turn.

Sometimes things can rapidly take a turn for the worst, there are often financial matters that require attention. There is any doubts or questions raised regarding the mental capacity to manage finances or property, then problems can arise. If there is no Power of Attorney in place, bills do not get paid, debts can mount up, and stress and worry increases. All this as well as trying to look after your loved one as best you can.

To support your loved ones with managing their finances, if they have lost the capacity to manage it themselves, you have to apply to the Court of Protection to ask them to appoint a Deputy. Can be one or two close family members and someone who has their best interest at heart.

You can do the application yourself or you may wish to appoint a solicitor to help. But you will need a full mental capacity assessment to inform the Court of why a deputy is required.

I have heard so many times about the difficulties people have in finding someone to do a mental capacity assessment for the Court of Protection and GP’s are often reluctant to do the assessments, because they can often say ‘it’s not in our remit’.

We at Gain Capacity Experts are here to help, we offer a professional, friendly and efficient service. When we get the call and details of who needs assessing and where they are, we will complete the assessment and report within the week. Give us a call on 077 343 93918.