How Gain Capacity Experts was able to support a family member with dementia

I love working in this industry, I love caring and helping people, I always pay a lot of attention to the smaller details so I can really understand what is important.

I have worked in the care industry for many years, and I pride myself in being able to connect with others, understand what they need, and try to help people out.

I have used my experience, knowledge, and training to good use. When I started Gain Capacity Experts I wanted to use all my skills in experiences to help more people. My personal values of kindness, love, integrity, and appreciation shine through those who now work for Gain.

I’ll tell you a little personal Storey. When I first met my partner, he told me his mum had dementia, but she still lived in her own house and receive visits three times a day to help with her medication, preparing food and some company. I would go out a couple of times a day down the road to go to the corner shop. When he asked how long did I think she would be able to stay at home, I replied, when she starts turning left instead of right then we will know. What I meant was, Pam had her routine which included a visit to the shop. If she forgets where she is going and gets lost then we will know, we will have to start thinking about a different care setting.

Unfortunately, within six months Pam did start turning ‘left’ and she quickly ended up going into crisis. This resulted in many situations which left her vulnerable and so it was decided that she could not live there anymore.

Now, you may ask, why am I telling you this story as it’s not an unusual or even a heart-warming story. Share it with you, as the family said that without my knowledge and experience of the system as well as being able to understand their mum and clearly assess the situation, the family would have been completely lost in knowing what to do. At the time social services and mental health services were unhelpful and not responsive enough. I took control of the situation and made a plan.

I have now applied all my knowledge and experience providing professional, considerate, and insightful mental capacity assessments. I also understand the level of detail required by the legal profession and the Courts, so the assessments and reports are always extremely detailed and professionally written.

Everyone who works again capacity experts understands and shares my values.