From Google Search to Gain Capacity Experts

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a really lovely family who has been through a lot of trauma in the past 6 months. From a Google Search to finding Gain Capacity Experts.
I have permission to write about this and I have asked the son to write about his own experiences for him to share and I fully expect this to be on the website very soon.
I was contacted by Jon who was seeking an assessment for his father who had recently had a catastrophic stroke which has left him paralysed, unable to speak and totally reliant on carers to meet all his needs. The family decided they wanted to care for him at home and after 4 months in hospital he was discharged home. James was a strong man, before the stroke he was able to do all sorts of things with wood, making tables and chopping boards to sell at craft sales. James was very independent and lived a normal life, he managed all the bills, he had some debit and credit cards and did not rely on the welfare system until the stroke.
Jon quickly realised that he needed the Power of Attorney to fully support his dad. Jon decided to take on this challenge himself and went to Google to find out how to do this.
What a challenge he had set himself.
The Court of Protection wanted a capacity assessment but Jon could not get anyone to do it. He tried the GP twice and ended up waiting 6 weeks for them to say they couldn’t do it. Jon then went to a local psychological service, but they wanted a GP referral, the GP would not refer. They tried the hospital but they wouldn’t do the capacity assessment so then he went back to Google.
Meanwhile, the Court of Protection had written to them giving an order and a time frame. This put the family under pressure.
How We Helped:
Gain Capacity Experts got the call and we went out the following day and completed the COP3 and COP9. The family was so pleased to see me. The assessment, reports and COP forms were completed within 3 days of receiving the call, giving the familiy peace of mind in this challenging time.
We have made it our mission to help and support families as much as possible. Capacity Assessments can still be completed with social distancing in mind and we are happy to work with families, Doctors & Solicitors to ensure a smooth service for all.
If you would like any further help and advice, please contact me on 07734393918 or email