Face to face or Remote Capacity Assessments

On the 20th March 2020, the Government asked for everyone to work from home where they could due to the pandemic. Companies had to adapt and change the way they work including us at GAIN. We offered remote assessments using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, FaceTime and other video technology.

We tried to make it work and obtain accurate information and representation of the clients’ needs, for the assessment and report but I don’t believe this is the correct assessment method for all clients. Some clients are suffering with dementia and have no knowledge or capacity to understand technology or concentration to look at a screen for any length of time.

I prefer to do face-to-face assessments to give time, consideration, and support to the client throughout the process. It’s really important to obtain consent prior to assessment and communicate effectively with each client. I try not to make it formal but friendly, relaxed and informal. It’s important to make the client smile and feel safe. Who wants a stranger coming into their world and going again without at least trying to make it a pleasant experience.

I like to find background information about the client, not necessarily for the purposes of the assessment but mainly because I am genuinely interested in their story. I have heard some great life stories, I feel I could write a book about people’s lives. Book your face-to-face assessment today with Victoria. Email me on
victoria@gaincapacityexperts.co.uk or give me a call on 07734393918.