Compiling Mental Capacity Assessments – The Personal Touch

Happy New Year eveyone.  As we had into 2020, I have recently been asked how easy is it compiling Mental Capacity Assessments when we don’t know the person / family involved.
I wanted to share a case I have worked on recently that I hope further explains how we work and the personal touches we offer to ensure we can help, make a difference and importantly create a  rapport with our clients.
I always try to get to know my clients and understand things from their point of view. I recently met a couple, they have been married for over 50 years. The wife now has end-stage dementia. The husband cared for his wife for 4 years on his own, but after a fall he said that he could do no more and she finally went into a care home. I spent a long time getting to know this family, he wanted to share their story. I believe he was grateful for the support, not just completing the assessment and report but also someone to talk to and share his fascinating life story. A little time invested opened up a window to how this family operated and the experiences they had.
I have worked with vulnerable people for years and truly believe that having compassion and understanding is really important.
There was a long wait for the Court of Protection to issue the paperwork, and one day he said to me “why is it taking so long, we are people, not numbers on a list”. This is why we do not set time limits when speaking to clients, we take the time necessary to get a full, detailed picture of what is at stake. It is important to me as I cannot compile a report if  I don’t have all aspects of the case.
Time seems to go so quickly these days as we all lead such busy lives but being able to listen and show compassion can really make a difference.
Mr H was so grateful for everything I did, he said the personal care and attention provided made him feel like he was not just a number.
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